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The Best Of Africa means to travel to the best parts of Africa, at the best times, taking the best routes, working with the best African suppliers, in the best way, without overpaying or underpaying.

Lion Dog African Safaris tours are superior because we focus on the best of Africa designing every tour based on the clients individual circumstances, preferences, timeline and budget for no more cost than formatted group tours offered by main stream travel agencies .

Our philosophy is that the best way to experience Africa is with small private custom tours designed by African tour experts utilizing professional English speaking guides, proper transportation, intelligent logistics, diversity, risk avoidance, staying at the most appropriate venues and including as many of the costs as possible in the tour price.

Lion Dog African Safaris works at the Economy, Mid range and Luxury tour levels and we also do Expedition Tours and special interest Group Tours.

Search this website to learn more about the best parts of Africa, timing an African tour, maps, and sample and special interest group tour outlines. Your next step is to contact us by phone, email and / or by clicking on the More Free Valuable Information box visible on each webpage.

Experience the Best of Africa, on your terms, with Lion Dog African Safaris!

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