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Lion Dog African Safaris provides private custom tours for no more cost than group canned tours. Why would you go any other way?

For budgeting purposes only, an all-inclusive Plus* private African tour (without side tours) at the Economy level generally runs $USD 350-450 per person per day (pppd); Mid Range runs $USD 450-650 pppd; and Luxury runs $USD 650 + pppd. (Continental flights generally add about $2000 to the tour outlay).

“All-Inclusive Plus *” means inclusive of tour design, consultation and tour logistics; most travel visas; most meals; guides and vehicles; all transfers including intra-continental flights ; venues; permits and fees; most taxes; transaction costs; tour execution and support, i.e. all the costs that make the tour happen.

Budget Levels available at the various Jewels Of Africa

Nile Valley – Economy | Mid Range | Luxury
Primates – Upper Mid Range | Luxury
Drive-In Safari of Northern Park Circuit – Economy | Mid Range | Luxury
Fly-In Safari of Southern Park Circuit – Upper Mid Range | Luxury
Fly-In Safari of Botswana’s Okavango Delta – Luxury Level
Bivouac Safari Of Botswanas’s Moremi and Chobe – Mid-Range
Mount Kilimanjaro Trek – Economy | Mid Range | Luxury
Zanzibar and Mafia – Economy | Mid Range | Luxury
Victoria Falls – Economy | Mid Range | Luxury
Cape Town and Garden Route – Economy | Mid Range | Luxury
Clients often inquire how many days in duration should they plan for an African tour. Due to the cost of the long haul flights over the many time zones, an African tour should ideally be at least a minimum of 10-12 days, and fatigue generally sets in at about 4 weeks. The other answer to this question depends on what can be afforded.

For example say a client has set aside $8000 for their African tour; $2000 of that is for the continental flights leaving $6000 for the tour itself.
The client wants to do the tour at the Mid-Range level. Therefore the duration of their tour would be between 10 days ($6000 / $600 pppd) to 15 days ($6000 / $400 pppd ) in order to stay within their means.

These are approximations only. The surest way to figure out the cost of the tour is to have us put a free no-obligation tour proposal together for you based on your specific preferences, budget and timeline.

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