Southern Park Circuit

The Southern Park Circuit (primarily the Selous and Ruaha Parks) is in the country of Tanzania and is east Africa’s slightly cheaper version of the Okavango Delta where both dry and wet safaris can be enjoyed in the Selous but only dry safari at Ruaha.

Safaris in the Southern Park Circuit tend to be a tranquil style of safari whereby guests typically stay at the same venue for 2 or more days with considerable down time in the day, between the various safari activities.

The Southern Park Circuit is quite remote and sports planes are often used to reach the camps where the guests go on driving safaris with the other guests sharing an open sided safari vehicle. The camps are mainly geared to the Mid-Range to Luxury price levels.

The aforementioned parks and regions will appeal more to the serious safari enthusiast who want an authentic game safari spending quality time observing the various forms of wildlife, taking dozens and even hundreds of pictures, and asking numerous questions of the safari guide.

The Southern Park Circuit is best visited in August September October. There are a couple of camps situated near the water where guests can simply sit in from of their tent or cottage and watch all forms of wildlife drink from the water over the course of the entire day . In essence, the safari comes to you.

Safaris of the southern park circuit and the northern park circuit can be readily combined to provide a mix of both tranquil and gypsy drive-in safari experiences. Refer to map on right for location(s)

Timing a Tour to the Southern Park Circuit

This is the time of year when the temperature and humidity are at their highest in the Southern Park Circuit and wildlife is difficult to find. There are plenty of water holes deep in the bush for the wildlife to drink from while hiding from predators. The foliage also greens up again in January and February, providing for beautiful scenery however the thick foliage further obscures much of the wildlife. Many animals, including a plethora of bird species, can be observed along the river year round.

The Southern Park circuit is adversely affected by the heavy rains in this time frame. Bring heavy rain gear if planning to visit during this time. In March, April and May, many of the roads are impassable, and many of the camps are closed for the season.

In the Southern Park Circuit; the foliage is still quite thick during June and July thinning out in August which makes for stunning scenery however the thick foliage does make game viewing a bit more difficult but still rewarding. Many animals, including a plethora of bird species can be observed along the Rufigi River year round.

The Southern Park Circuit becomes increasingly dry at this time of year drying out the water holes thereby forcing more wildlife out of the bush to drink from the Rufigi River. The dryness is also withering the foliage exposing more animals. The reserve is not at its prettiest at this time however that is offset by more game sightings.

The short rains fall intermittently throughout NOVEMBER and DECEMBER in the Southern Park Circuit and the wildlife gradually retreat back deep into the bush to drink from waterholes away from the dangerous confines along the Rufigi River. Many animals, including a plethora of bird species, can be observed along the Rufigi River year round.

Timing a tour in combination with other locations

LDAS suggests that clients rely on our expertise to determine the best time for their custom African tour.

When clients are able to go when the overall conditions are best, LDAS finds that it sends a good percentage of clients in January February and September October, when all the variables are considered. Between the two periods, in the southern hemisphere, the weather is generally cooler in September October than in January and February when the temperatures are hottest. The only bad time to go to Africa is when the rains are heavy in the regions being considered.

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