The Nile Valley

The Nile Valley located in the country of Egypt in northern Africa, is the birthplace of civilization as we know it .With their minds on eternity, the Egyptians built a society that remained constant for nearly 3000 years. Many of their monuments still attest to that permanence. No-where else on the planet can you find such a wealth of antiquities spanning thousands of years as found along the Nile Valley in Egypt.

A river cruise between Luxor and Aswan is an excellent way to experience the southern Nile. Nile cruises often visit a wider variety of antiquities along the banks of the Nile than other modes of transport cannot readily access. But equally important, the cruise also allow visitors to see rural Egypt, where people live much the same way they did even thousands of years ago, in mudbrick homes, tending to their fields with wooden plows and moving produce via donkey.

It is a wonderful experience to travel within the safe confines of a floating hotel, eating well, and sipping an iced beverage around a swimming pool while watching 5,000 years of culture slowly drift by. Many of the cruises also offer a variety of nightly shows.

Stops along the way include visits to the Valley of the Kings, The Valley of The Queens, so many temples and museums, all with an Egyptologist accompanying the travel party explaining as you go. There is also an opportunity to visit Abu Simbel as part of this tour of the southern Nile.

On the northern Nile, situated on the west side of Cairo in Giza are the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and a multitude of other antiquities. This area is typically visited by vehicle with a driver and an Egyptologist along to explain as you proceed. Camel rides, Pyramid Light and Sound shows, the famous Cairo Museum, the Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar, and a number of other side tours can also be enjoyed on this tour.

Nile Valley Tours can comprise only the southern Nile, only the northern Nile, or both southern and northern Nile together and can be tailored to the Economy, Mid-Range and Luxury levels. Refer to map on right for location(s)

Timing a Tour to the Nile Valley

For the Nile Valley at this time of year, day time temperatures are bearable and nights cool off . This is perfect time to visit although crowds are heavier at this time of year. The Cairo film festival takes place in this time frame.

In these months, weather is warm and occasional dust storms occur but crowds are lighter at the tourist centers along the Nile Valley.

Scorching temperatures not cooling off even at night, are prevalent along the Nile Valley during these summer months.

Timing a tour in combination with other locations

LDAS suggests that clients rely on our expertise to determine the best time for their custom African tour. When clients are able to go when the overall conditions are best , LDAS finds that it sends a good percentage of clients in January February and September October, when all the variables are considered.

Between the two periods, in the southern hemisphere, the weather is generally cooler in September October than in January February when the temperatures are hottest. The only bad time to go to Africa is when the rains are heavy in the regions being considered.

To find out the high temperatures and rain days, go to:
More detailed climate information can be found at:

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