A Sample of our African Safari Tour Testimonials by past Client’s sharing their African Safari experiences!
Please read through some of the comments that our clients have to say about their trip to Africa with Lion Dog African Safaris.


This trip was a once in a lifetime with experiences we will never forget. Mike and Maryanne organized our trip so well that everything appeared in an order from the start to the last relaxing few days at Nungwi Beach on Zanzibar. We saw the Big Five and many more animals along with many other wonderful side trips. These African memories will remain in our hearts for a very long time.
DB & A Families

Everything worked like clockwork. You’d think the tour of 4 countries with multiple destinations would cause some problems but the transitions were basically seamless. We saw everything we wanted and more. Outstanding trip!
Keith H

Safari is the most famous Swahili word and Safari Njema or ‘safe travels’ is the wish extended to all travelers by East Africans, since time immemorial. A safari is not just a trip, as traveling in Africa has always provided surprises and sometimes, even danger. A safari has become a state of mind, connected with a sense of adventure and much curiosity for all that is around us.

We owe a debt of gratitude to many for the outstanding success of our four weeks on safari, from Tanzania to Cape Town. Mike and Maryanne Donovan of Lion Dog African Safaris put together our trip of a lifetime, weaving in every experience we desired. Our guide Amani Moses was with us for six full days through Lake Manyara, the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Eyasi, customizing our days to perfection, and delighting us with his humour and extensive knowledge. We saw the big five, and much, much more, because of Amani’s diligence. Experiences with the Maasai, Datooga and Hadzabe tribes were outstanding, and tours, such as the Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, life changing. Meeting the silverback gorillas, up close and personal, was the stand out experience for us – worth every minute! All of our guides in Rwanda, Zanzibar, Zambia and South Africa, provided us with superb personal attention. Every connection, flight, tour and transfer happened without a hitch! Accommodations were awesome (tented camps are so comfortable, luxurious and safe; meals like a 5 star restaurant, and yummy box lunches), and the upgrade to the ‘green’ level of accommodation was worth every penny, especially in the bush). Best safari ever!
Carla B

Six people ranging in age from 28 to 68 toured South Africa and Tanzania for 24 days in February 2015. We had a great time, had marvelous experiences and saw so much wildlife and different geography that our memories will last a lifetime. We would like to thank Mike and Maryanne for organizing our trip which went off without a hitch. We will definitely use Lion Dog again for future African visits.
Colyn and Sydney Pountney

I have wanted to go to Africa for a long time. I am glad we had the opportunity to meet Mike and Maryanne at a presentation of Lion Dog African Safaris because I don’t think we could have made a better choice of how we would do our trip. Watching land cruisers loaded with six and seven people on safari just made me really grateful we were just two! Our trip was very well organized. We were always met when our itinerary said we would be. Transfers, pickups, tours always had well-informed driver/guides who did their utmost to keep us happy. Accommodations and meals met our expectations and occasionally exceeded them. Breakfasts were always excellent. We finished our trip on a high note with excellent accommodations. Everything went very smoothly except the roads in the Serengeti! Without exception, everyone we came in touch with did their very best to see that we had everything we needed.
Nancy D.

We just spent a month ‘experiencing’ Africa and couldn’t have been happier. Lion Dog Safaris listened to what we wanted and made it happen! It began with trekking to the gorillas in Rwanda, an eight day safari in Tanzania, a visit to Stone Town, resting on the beach in Zanzibar and finally reliving history in Egypt, finishing with a Nile River Cruise. This trip had a busy agenda with a lot of flights. We were competently delivered to the airports and promptly picked up, encountering along the way very excellent guides, drivers and good food and accommodations. The itinerary was well thought out so that we could experience all that an area had to offer. There are no words to describe sitting a few metres away from a gorilla family, hunting with the Hadzabe tribe, seeing hundreds of animals on an open plain, taking in the beauty of tomb wall or standing in awe at colossal monuments. These are memories we will forever cherish.
Grant and Wendy W.

For Lynn and I, this was going to be the “Trip of a lifetime”, one that you do only once. But after spending 2 weeks in Rwanda and Tanzania we fell in love with Africa, the vistas, the animals and especially the people, we will be going back and using Lion Dog African Safaris!

Michel and Lynn

Dear Lion Dog African Safaris – we extend our thanks to you for one of the best trips of our lives. We enjoyed the adventure immensely – and it was an adventure – from the time we landed in Cape Town to the time we left Zanzibar for home. A particular highlight were the safaris and seeing the animals up close in their natural habitat. Thanks to the excellence of our guides, we managed to see everything, including the Big 5 and more while on safaris. Thanks  for everything.

Doug and Marilyn 

Two years ago, when we first began toying with the idea of going to Africa we had no idea! After attending a information night by Lion Dog African Safaris, we were convinced that they were the company we would like to work with us to make our “trip of a lifetime”. Mike and Maryanne Donovan and their team, are attentive, knowledgeable, dependable and truly a pleasure to work with.
Our “trip of a lifetime” was FANTASTIC and we have already decided that this was only our first trip! All the details were taken care of and the companies they use are excellent. We had truly no worries or concerns before, during or after our 22 days in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa. The Best Trip of Our Lives So Far!!!

Pat & Martin

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Our African vacation was designed by Lion Dog African Safaris to full fill all of our needs. It was absolutely everything we wanted to do and see. It was the most stress free vacation ever. We did not have one problem, every detail was taken care of. You think it is a once in a lifetime trip, but we are already planning our next trip to Africa.


The safari experience was beyond my expectations. I shall never forget the opportunity to witness the migration of thousands of wildebeests from Kenya across the Mara River to the Northern Serengeti. Saw the big ten without any trouble and each day added new excitement. A remarkable experience! Thanks, LionDog!!!


This was an unbelievable trip that will be long remembered. The Lion Dog approach to the planning and execution was exceptional. I would highly recommend their services in planning a trip to Africa.


We took a Tanzania Northern Park Circuit Safari and Victoria Fall tour in October. Our itinerary was custom-designed by Lion Dog African Safaris and it is excellent. We saw many wild animals up-close, migration. The surprised highlight of our tour is witnessed thousands of wildebeest crossing Mara River. Our guide/drivers are excellent.

Cheng Party

Our trip in Rwanda, Serengeti and Zanzibar was well planned and organized trip we always felt safe and well looked after. It seemed to get better everyday, which is hard to imagine after sharing time with the mountain gorillas and watching the Wildebeest migrate across the Mara river.

Catherine and Keith

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience on holiday in Africa please call and talk to LDAS they will plan a trip that will more than meet your expectations. They did for us.

Mary and Bruce

From our first contact with Lion Dog African Safaris and Mike and Maryanne Donovan, all the stress of planning our “Bucket List” trip disappeared as the two of them took on the challenge of putting our trip together. From the first Airport, thru the wilds of Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda Lion Dog African Safaris lead us on an amazing journey that we will remember for the rest of our lives! We could not have asked for a better planned and orchestrated 3 week trip. The experience of meeting and actually hunting with a tribe of bushmen was something I will never forget, and then to be that close to a family of Gorillas was breath taking!! All aspects of our trip were carefully planned, timed perfectly and the transfers and flights were amazingly on time! No question that the next time we travel to Africa we will be calling on Lion Dog African Safaris to do all the hard work so that we only have to worry about getting to the airport on time!

Brian and Karen

The Tanzanian Safari is amazing. The sheer beauty of the Serengeti (and other parks) and the number of animal sightings (and how close we came to the animals) exceeded our expectations.

Verna and Elma

An excellent well organized trip with Lion Dog safaris. Great guides and transportation.

Wendy M

We were especially taken with the courtesy and friendliness of the African people. By far the best we have seen in all our worldwide travels. They have very little by our standards, however complain very little and make up with their resourcefulness and concern for the tourists. This goes right down from the well educated to the tribespeople. The Africans really have tourism figured out and made us extremely welcome in every encounter we had. We would return in a heartbeat and encourage anyone who doubts about going to Africa to go without reservation.

Roy and Anne

Our trip was incredible! Lion Dog African Safaris created a trip giving us an experience of a lifetime. From the Kili trek, Safari, and finishing up with a Gorilla trek, we were cared for by wonderful guides, cooks, and porters. LDAS took time to build a trip that went above our expectations. This was truly an amazing trip and one that we will forever rave about. Thanks!

Bethann & Carrianne

From start to finish our trip was full of delightful surprises! Tarangire, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti all delivered fascinating animal experiences- from hearing lions outside our tent at night to watching endless zebras and wildebeests parading to the waterhole, each experience was unique and never to be forgotten. To fly over a pride of lionesses with 9 cubs in the hot air balloon or seeing the wild dogs of the Selous- we couldn’t have been luckier! Having time on the beaches on Zanzibar was a perfect ending to a bucket list adventure.

Scott Family

Everything was seamless, even when we had a flight cancelled and missed a connection on another flight, we made a quick phone call and our pick-up was able to adjust to the new time.Delivered as promised. The tours met the descriptions provided; we weren’t disappointed even once.We were looking for the “trip of a lifetime” and this one will be hard to beat-but we’ll try :) Our trip to Africa through Lion Dog Safaris was everything we imagined a trip to Africa would be. From the people who met us at the airport to the guides to the excursions to the accommodations; everything and everyone we encountered was top-notch. Well done, Lion Dog Safaris!

Al Brenneis

All the pickups were very nicely handled. I felt that it was a smooth hand off from one portion of the trip to the next. Very comfortable. The food was AMAZING. Amani is a great chef. I want him to come to Canada to open a restaurant here. We already have a name for the restaurant. It’s a secret. An amazing trip all around. Very well organized and very comfortable. Exceeded my expectations. I will absolutely be recommending this to my friends. I also am planning on returning in several years.



Perfect, flawless! So easy and worry free! Excellent! Memories will last forever! In Rwanda the Genocide Memorial was and eye opening experience and it was good inside to gain a better understanding of what the people and the country went through. The gorilla trek was unforgettable, from the trek through the mist to spending time with these endangered animals and seeing them in their natural environment is something we will never, ever forget! Everyday in Tanzania was magical! Everyday was different and filled with humbling experiences. We saw everything and more that we could have ever imagined! It really is hard to put into words how greatful we are to have been welcomed into these countries!We had always dreamt of going on an African Safari but this trip blew our expectations out of the water. From the Gorilla Trekking in the mist of the thousand hills of Rwanda, to the Big 5 and tribe visits of Tanzania, words cannot really describe or do justice to this unforgettable experience until you live it yourself! And most of all we feel more than blessed to have made life long friends in the process and we didn’t leave without a tear! Thank-you Lion Dog Safaris for organizing this trip of a life time! Asante Sana!

Maeva and Krisopher

Lion’s Dog African Safaris planned a memorable itinerary. It began with an enlightening experience in Rwanda with a challenging hike to visit a family of 20 gorillas, followed by 5 days in the Serengeti viewing all the animals in their natural environment, followed by the exotic and rustic island of Zanzibar. Mike has a punctual and polite and efficient network of guides and drivers that assures your enjoyment in Africa.


Words can’t really describe the awe of being in the midst of thousands of zebras and wildebeests migrating through the NCA and Serengeti. As they flowed around our vehicles we were struck by the pounding of hooves, the dust in the air, the ripple of their bodies and thought about how lucky we were to be experiencing this event. How does one describe witnessing a cheetah kill a gazelle, three lions eating a zebra, with vultures in the air and hyenas hovering in the background, elephants brushing against your vehicles or being able to reach out your hand and be that far away from a family of 11 gorillas ! ! !


Balloon ride over the Serengeti was totally awesome!!! and the lunch after was delicious and set up in the middle of nowhere. It was neat to have the animals around the safari vehicle..so close you could touch them. We seen lots of lions which was number one on our bucket list to see. Liked Kisini Lodge as sat on balcony and watched the giraffes eat..so close you could hear them chew. African people are very friendly and the food was exceptionally great!!!! We had a trip of a lifetime and enjoyed every minute of it..lots of memories.

Linda and Terry

Prior to arriving in Africa we had a certain image about Africa. In fact I had no real intention ever to travel there but this was on my wife’s bucket list so I gave in! The trip organized by Lion Dog African Safari was extremely well prepared. Everything went according to script ! We were picked up always on time and the drivers and guides were excellent and went the extra yard to provide the lasting memories we brought back to Canada. The camping experience was excellent because you got a real feel for the wild life and the land. One could hear the various animals at night, some close to our campsite and others from a distance !

Joe and Karen

We spent the month of February touring Rwanda, Nairobi, Tanzania and Egypt and we loved it. We felt safe at all times and were treated very well. We did not expect to see Gorillas, monkeys, lions, and every other animal with in 25 feet of us in the wild. Tented camps had us in the middle of the wildlife and the service and accommodations were fantastic. Our guides gave us great insight to the life in Africa from the people, the history, the governing bodies and the environment including the wildlife. The history of Egypt is overwhelming and the stay on Zanzibar Island was a notable treat.


A three week immersion in Africa. Wow. We love to travel, but having close encounters with animals made this a very different and special trip. The gorilla trek was tough slogging, but it was worth it as we came within feet of several silver-backs and a delightful baby. Rwanda was a pleasant surprise and we enjoyed touring around – and were very moved by the genocide museum. Five days on safari on the northern circuit in Tanzania exposed us to such a variety (and quantity) of animals. Wildebeest migrating. All sorts of new births. Lions mating within 20 feet of us – and nobody else around! Lions enjoying their kill of a water buffalo with hyenas lurking in the background and jackals stealing their share. A leopard ripping apart its kill, up a tree. And on it went… Then the warmth of the Indian Ocean to wind down in Zanzibar. How the heck do I get my mind back to work!

P Vieira

The trip met and exceed our expectations.

The trip my husband and I just returned from was truly a once in a lifetime trip. We hiked to see the Gorillas in Rwanda, experienced safaris in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara, visited historic Stone Town and finished with a relaxing few days on the beach in Zanzibar. The highlights were just too numerous to mention. We saw the Big Five and then some. How can you compare seeing those beautiful gorillas living their lives as they are meant to be with seeing a newborn Wildebeest, majestic giraffes peering down at you from their great height and huge, intelligent beasts such as the elephants moving across the plains? All spectacular. All breath-taking!! Thanks Mike for the best organized trip we have ever been on!!!! I will reiterate how impressed I was with the seamless transitioning from one tour to another. Never did we have to wonder what we should do next, there was always someone there to pick us up/drop us off and we were able to just enjoy our vacation with absolutely no worries!! Your company will certainly get our recommendations for any of our friends/family planning a trip to Africa. The pickups and transfers were perfect.  I want you to know that we both thoroughly enjoyed our trip and as a retired travel agent, I also want you to know that I have never seen such organization of a trip.  Everything went like clockwork.

B Vieira


First Class Trip! Our African adventure was a first class trip from our first stop in Rwanda with the mountain gorillas to our last stop in Zanzibar, We saw a great variety of African culture and wildlife you would not likely see on your own and all from the comfort of our private tour vehicles – no buses. Our accommodations were great and our guide were competent and professional.  I would highly recommend Lion Dog African Safaris if you want to see the real Africa your way.

Bruce Party


 A Heartfelt Thank You  It was a most memorable, positive, experience! Thanks again for arranging to change our flights, almost at the last minute. Our Safari Tour Guide was just super!He is very knowledgeable, and was most accommodating to whatever our needs and requests were.Most importantly, he was very friendly. It was hard to say good bye to him. The accommodations by far exceeded our expectations.   Everywhere, the personnel were very friendly, helpful and accommodating. We saw all the animals we were hoping to see, except a male lion. Something that not everyone sees, but we did, were a tree climbing lion, and a leopard. It was a real treat! I had never swam in the Indian Ocean, and it sure beats the Adriatic water. The Stone Town and Spice tours were most interesting. The Unguju Ukuu tour, and the sailing to the little island in the Menai Bay was most relaxing and peaceful. Swimming in calm blue water was most enjoyable.  On behalf of Ellen and I, A Heartfelt Thank You ” ” for organizing such a fabulous tour.


Domenico and Ellen Rossi


We had an amazing and memorable trip! Everything went smoothly. Our guides were very knowledgeable, accommodations were incredible and meals were delicious, We truly enjoyed our rustic cabin in the Rwandan mountains, mobile tent camps with hot running water in Tanzania and our luxury beach resort in Zanzibar. It was nice to be able to choose a mix of accommodations from a low-high budget. The scenery and wildlife we saw was beyond what we expected. The safari jeep with the pop-up roof was perfect for viewing. It was the best adventure holiday we’ve ever had! We would highly recommend Lion Dog African Safaris!

Moorhead Party

Our guides and drivers were exceptional and would recommend them to anyone.


We had the most wonderful Adventure to Africa arranged through Lion Dog African Safaris. Our Guides were very professional and knowledgeable with regard to the areas we visited, the vegetation, birds, animals, tribes and the Tanzanian people. We always felt safe and our guides went out of their way for us, answered all of our questions and made us feel welcome in their country. We would recommend booking through Lion Dog as they will make your time in Africa truly your adventure and an experience you will never forget.The Tanzanian people were heartwarming; the safari and tours were unforgettable. This was truly an adventure even the roads were part of the adventure. Again, the guides were exceptional feel like they are part of our family.

Thanks to Lion Dog for your expertise and for making our trip worthwhile.

 Hay Party

We were blessed with excellent, knowledgeable guides, patient enough to explain what we were seeing, and we saw more than we ever expected. We saw a baby gazelle being born, another as it was chased down by a cheetah, then eaten, 2 lions eating a zebra beside the road (10′ away), elephants up close in the forest, and gorillas 10′ away. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

King Party

The opportunity to see the great migration in the Serengeti and the gorillas in Rwanda was amazing. The trip was smoothly organized and we were well looked after from start to finish.

Simons Party

Excellent! The trip was very well organized and the wildlife viewing in both Rwanda and Tanzania were excellent. Our encounter with the gorillas was incredible, much closer than 7 meter guideline. Using the tented camps got us close to nature and allowed us to interact with the staff at the camps.

Pyburn Party

FANTASTIC! Words can’t really describe the awe of being in the midst of thousands of zebras and wildebeests migrating through the NCA and Serengeti. As they flowed around our vehicles we were struck by the pounding of hooves, the dust in the air, the ripple of their bodies and thought about how lucky we were to be experiencing this event. How does one describe witnessing a cheetah kill a gazelle, three lions eating a zebra, with vultures in the air and hyenas hovering in the background, elephants brushing against your vehicles or being able to reach out your hand and be that far away from a family of 11 gorillas ! ! ! Far exceeded our expectations with regard to what we saw and experienced. Hard to believe we had elephants walk around the vehicles in Lake Manyara, 25 giraffes on the road side and then walking in front of and behind the vehicles in the Serengeti,  watching a baby gazelle being born and on and on. It seemed like every day we had another ‘mouth gaping’ experience.

Cranston/King/Joyner party    

The tours were excellent! This trip was awesome, it was busy, exciting, definitely met our expectations and we would not change anything. We were treated very well and felt safe throughout our adventures. Our memories are many and will not soon be forgotten. We would recommend this to anyone.

Neil and Jeanette 


There was someone there to greet me on arrival which is very important when traveling to a new place. All the accommodations were excellent. It was everything I hoped for.  Saw all the animals I hoped for including the Wildebeest migration.Here is a picture that represents one of the highlights of the safari.  We were able to follow a cheetah on the hunt. This is life and death in the the wild.

Arne A

Met our highest expectations.

2014 African Safari 092-001

Our first experience to Tanzania for the purpose of doing a safari, was with Lion Dog African Safari, we could not have been more pleased. They also coordinated our plane flight with the tour so everything lined up great. From the time we arrived until the day we left we did not have to worry about any details, every aspect was in place which gave us the time to enjoy the moments and not worry about what was next. Starting with the directions of Mike Donovan at the planning stage to the guide suggestions during the safari made us feel that our satisfaction was their concern. It seemed evident to me that all the suppliers of services along the way were trying to maintain 100 % satisfaction for our sake and they did. The safari itself gave us all the wildlife moments that we had hoped to experience, vehicle and guide were both top notch. We will never watch another wildlife program or visit a zoo again without remembering our first safari.We actually seen lions chasing wildebeasts on two occasions, leopard feasting on a gazelle in a tree. Wildebeasts and zebras stretching to the horizons. Baboons, elephant, rhinos, hippos, giraffes and except for the rhinos the numbers of the others were in the hundreds. Lion pride resting in a large tree, also atop a rock outcrop that reminds you of “Pride Rock” in the movie Lion King The food and accommodations were varied and were all great, the people we met along the way did the best job possible to make us feel welcomed and met all our needs. I have only been on this one safari but I know with out a doubt that you cannot exceed the value that Lion Dog African Safari has provided. I am a strong believer that the best advertising is word of mouth from satisfied customers. I gladly recommend Lion Dog African Safari to anyone. Know what your budget is and they work to accommodate that.

Strome party

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

December 2013, Harvey and I went to Egypt and Jordan with Mike and Maryanne Donovan; owners of Lion Dog Safaris. We had been planning this trip for many months and with the civil unrest; we were not sure we would get there. We decided to go!!! And are we glad we went!!! From being met at the airport and escorted through customs to delivered to our hotels with bouquets of flowers given and debriefed for our trip, the welcome was amazing! To meeting and traveling with our guides>Ahmed and Waleed who were the very best!!! in knowledge and character and answering even the dumbest of questions!! They had a passion for their history and country which was contagious! They were open to discuss political and religious points of views; this all just made for an incredible experience/memories to bring home! They also had a great sense of humor; that made us feel at home with them and they helped you to participate in the Culture. eg Galabia nite and dancing!! The boat trip down the Nile was super and the stay on Elephantine Island in Aswan was awesome. So much fun!! So interesting!! If we had a request it was done eg the Essence shop!  In Jordan > we rode a Camel, stayed in a Bedouin Camp, walked for a day through Petra and in the middle of the trip we added a swim in the Dead sea> which was the icing on the cake!! The memories and pictures we have come home with are truly Bucket list stuff on many different levels! We would definitely recommend travelling in Egypt! We would also highly recommend Lion Dog Safaris to do the organizing of your trip > having organized trips ourselves; we found the Mike and Maryanne were competent, experienced, informed and honestly interested in making your trip the best it can be! They know their suppliers and this makes a big difference in your trip and they were great travel partners to boot! The trip and M & M were a Gift! We would definitely go to Egypt again and will be booking another trip to Africa with Lion Dog Safaris!!

Perry and Harvey Kieftenbeld


Better than HDTV.

Our trip in October included Rwanda, Northern Serengeti, Ngoronogoro Crater, Lake Eyasi, Lake Manyara, Zanzibar and ended in Victoria Falls. One word describes the trip — amazing! It was the trip of a lifetime! The coordination between Lion Dog and the suppliers could not have been better! Everything went off like a well oiled wheel! The quality of our guides and the tours were exceptional! Two highlights: Rwanda is a gorgeous country! The gorillas — amazing! The Northern Serengeti is spectacular and seeing it live is much better than HDTV! We saw every animal on our list (many in the hundreds) and then some we didn’t even know existed! Again beautiful country.   If you’re traveling to Africa, this company absolutely does a great job of recommending and arranging!

Shelley Augustin

An adventure that dreams are made of.

Lion Dog African Safaris made this the trip of a lifetime. Mike and Maryanne put together a fine tuned itinerary that more than met our expectations. From hurrying thru our visas to the water safaris in the Selous to a classic Serengeti experience with a thrilling sunrise balloon safari to gorillas in the Rwanda National Volcano Park to flying low over the Nile River on our way to experience a total eclipse of the sun complete with champagne this was an adventure that dreams are made of and flawlessly planned. Andrea and I have already recommended Lion Dog African Safaris many times and will continue doing so.

Tom and Andrea Carver

Pick-ups and transfers were flawless.

Pick-ups and transfers were flawless. The arrangements that you made, for reliable, helpful people to pick us up were great. Even with the last minute changes!!  The camping was really fun. Again- we didn’t realize that the tents would be as sturdy as they were, and big enough for cots, and tall enough to stand up in. They were very effective at keeping bugs out. We never felt unsafe. I love camping, and am willing to give up lots of comforts in exchange for feeling closer to nature. We saw “the big five”, as well as cheetahs, many kinds of deer, a bit of the wildebeest migration, crocodiles, hippos, monkeys, many kinds of birds.  The visits to the tribes were enlightening, we learned lots. Well worth the time taken. We saw many animal, bird and plant species without the crowds of tourists. Our driver/guide and cook were excellent, careful, patient, and knowledgeable. We tented so felt closer to nature. We got many excellent pictures and learned some Swahili.

Carolyn and Peter Andrews

The trip surpassed our expectations by a long shot !

Our tour of Africa with Lion Dog was a trip of a lifetime, beyond our expectation. There wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t say “how can it get any bette”r. Mike’s experience, the companies and people he has on contract, are exceptional, with clear expectations for quality. Lion Dog African Safaris allowed us to simply enjoy and not have to worry about all of the things required to get a trip like this in place.
Just wanted to thank you Mike, Maryanne and your staff for our dream trip.  We have memories to last a lifetime, (and about 4000 pictures to go through).  Thank you for the 40th anniversary cake you arranged at Kigali, it made our day.We are already recommending Lion Dog to our friends, even friends we met on the way.  We could go on and on.
Rick and Penny Kruse

We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to see a little portion of God’s magnificent creation.

Fullscreen capture 10212013 25256 PM

We had a wonderful time touring a small portion of three different countries in Africa. It was the trip of a lifetime. We saw so many animals, up close & personal, that it is hard to comprehend all of it. It was hard to believe lions walking around our vehicle to find shade on the other side; elephant herds crossing in front of our vehicle, thousands of gnu’s migrating across the countryside, plus leopards, cheetahs, cape buffalo, hippos, hyennas, kumbas, and much more!!! What an incredible world we live in! We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to see a little portion of God’s magnificent creation. It was awesome!!  We were especially impressed with the way the trip was organized and the way it all came together so smoothly by you Mike. Thank you!

Eleonore & Ray Gerbrandt

Never-to-be forgotten life time experiences.

Hanssen Party leaving Serengtti

Lion Dog African Safaris did an outstanding job in planning an African experience for us. After outlining to Mike, our interests, he was able to create an African experience which included great challenges, many adventures, educational experiences, and it was fun every day The tour was well paced for us. The tours were exceptional – never-to-be forgotten life time experiences. The treks to gorillas especially and the chimpanzees were wonderful; the tours of the Serengeti, Crater, visits with Hadzabe & Datooga tribes, Stone Town, Spice Farm were excellent, thorough, informative, very worth while. We were welcomed and well taken care of by all staff we met. The trip more than met our expectations — we would be pleased to recommend his services for a similar trip.

Hanssen Party


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More than we expected!!!

We had a wonderful experience on the safari and the thrill of seeing hundreds of animals within a close proximity was totally awesome! Every aspect of our program met or exceeded our expectations . We loved the tented camps, the food and the presentation and the overall friendliness of the African people. Our guide was knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to be with.

Jerry and Faith Dubisky

The tours and experiences were great

We spent 3 weeks in Africa which was all arranged by Lion Dog African Safaris. The trip met all of our expectations and in many cases exceeded them. We saw so many animals on safari and managed to see all of the Big 5.  Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and ensured that we were comfortable while on safari. This was definitely a trip of a lifetime.

A truly memorable journey!

 Akatch our guide/driver on the Masai Mara.What a magician!  He could whip up a picnic breakfast of eggs, sausage and bacon, toast, yoghurt, muffins, fruit,  juice, tea, coffee etc. ora delicious picnic lunch or a picnic snack   complete with table and tablecloth! Just like all our other guides, he was so knowledgeable and informative and the  genuine concern for our well-being made our African journey an unforgettable  experience.The flights were great, punctual and it was easy to pick out our drivers. They were so accommodating. The food was Amazing! Wow! The guides were commendable, professionals and very patient. They spoiled us. It was above and beyond anything we could have imagined. We’ve been to a number of places in the world, but this topped them all.

Wally and Barb Husky

A wonderful, wonderful experience!!!!

Our African safari to Rwanda, Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar was a trip of a lifetime. Mike’s fabulous planning and organizing of our adventure made it come off like clockwork. Thanks to our guide Arip we were able to see the Big Five!!! It is not always possible to see the black Rhinos and leopards but Arip worked exceedingly hard to make sure we saw as many animals as possible. It was so wonderful to see the animals in their natural habitat. I would have no hesitation in planning another African adventure with Lion Dog Safari. All our pickups and transfers happened seamlessly. Our driver/guides were always waiting for us no matter what airport or strip or time of day we arrived at. A very reassuring sight after our long flight to Kigali from Vancouver and a great start to our fabulous trip.

Anna Driscoll


It was a great trip! One of the best we have taken! Thanks!

Amazing trip! Don’t wonder about going, just go. If you are well prepared ( and we were thanks to Lion Dog African Safaris) you will have a great experience!

David and Michelle



Did the trip meet our expectations? YES!!!!     Mike and company did a GREAT job in preparing our tour. It went off without a hitch. The sights we saw were unforgettable!

Raymond Provencher

Dreams came true.

If someone was to ask me for any advise about booking a trip to anywhere In Africa I would tell them to call Mike Donovan at Lion Dog African Safaris. Mike and his staff will be able to set-up the right tour for each person at a budget that does not bust the bank account. The best advice would however be DO NOT miss the Mountain Gorilla Trek.

Jarron Gray

 Met and exceeded!

The trip met and exceeded our expectations. We weren’t sure how things would work out as far as connections, etc. but even though we went to six countries and had ten flights, there wasn’t a single missed connection. We had wonderful experiences with the locals, touring through some of the villages, and even being invited to meet a couple of our guides’ families – what an honor.

Lion Dog African Safaris organized a well-planned itinerary, according to our wishes. It was enervating and exhilarating and at times exhausting, but we wouldn’t change anything – oh maybe, if money was no object, another day of gorilla trekking, just to make sure we had some good photos, which may have been missed the first day. All the visas, were in order and taken care of in advance, making for a much simpler entry into each of the six countries we visited. This is definitely a trip you don’t want to try to plan on your own – leave it to the professionals, like Mike Donovan.

Steve and Connie

 Our safari was well planned!

Our safari was well planned and tailored to what we wished to do. We were able to start in Kigali, and then went to Tanzania and finished in Zanzibar. All the hotels, lodges and tent camps were excellent and a great choice. They were clean, well maintained and offered safe and tasty food.  Our guides and drivers were very experienced, always willing to help. They would go out of their way to help us have a good experience and find us the animals and local attractions we wanted to see.   Thank you Mike, and many thanks to all your local tour companies in Rwanda , Tanzania  and Zanzibar  for living up to the challenging expectations and allowing us to seize the wonderful flavor of Africa.

Towbin Party

Met all expectations and more.

Gorilla Trek Rwanda

 Tours were great and the experiences wonderful. If someone was to ask me for any advise about booking a trip to anywhere In Africa I would tell them to call Mike Donovan at Lion Dog African Safaris. Mike and his staff will be able to set-up the right tour for each person at a budget that does not bust the bank account. The best advice would however be DO NOT miss the Mountain Gorilla Trek.

William Gray

Fantastic Trip!

We had an excellent three week adventure in Africa that we will remember for the rest of our lives! Seeing the great migration cross the Mara River, seeing the “Big 5” in 5 days, witnessing a cheetah kill, seeing the wild hunting dogs and being charged by an angry mother elephant are only a few of the highlights – we are already planning our return to this wonderful and magical place!!!

Brown Party


We are so glad that we took time out of our busy lives to go on this trip of a lifetime. I feel so fortunate to have been able to share it with my family. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, going on safari and seeing so many incredible different animals and watching the stars at night and listening to the sounds of the wildlife while in our tent , hunting with the Hadzabe tribe, gorillas in Rwanda, walking with the Lions at Victoria falls are all Indescribable memories that will not be forgotten. Thank you Mike and Maryanne  for arranging such an amazing trip for us.

Cheryl Tuharsky and Family


I would not hesitate to recommend Lion Dog African Safaris


Mike booked our trip to Tanzania for our Kilimanjaro hike and Safari.  Everything went according to plan.  We were not left waiting or wondering even once. Our guides took very good care of us from the time we arrived to the time we departed.Also the guides and porters were spectacular.  They were friendly, helpful and above all competent.We accomplished what we set out to do and had loads of fun doing it.  I would not hesitate to recommend Lion Dog African Safaris to anyone looking for an African adventure.

Rob Swart

Africa does not disappoint!

Cheetah Kill

From the moment Arip our guide and driver met us at the airport I felt our African adventure had begun. Throughout the journeys and game drives every second was an opportunity to see something new, another aspect of life in Tanzania. And Africa does not disappoint. We watched wild animals going about their lives as if we were not there. Every new species spotted a thrill, to see them unconfined, free to wonder as their needs dictate. The Indian Ocean, so buoyant floating was effortless as I gazed in excited wonder at the multitude of fish and sea creatures inhabiting the coral, only twenty feet from shore. This was truly the best trip of my life.

You have a new Fan!

Fire at Nairobi Airport

You have a new fan.  Loved the trip, the people, the animals and the food was fantastic-there were potatoes every where! I last spoke with you as we were facing the crisis in Nairobi. We arrived and were processed in a large wedding tent which even had banquet chairs.  One of my kids took a video of us standing out side the domestic terminal the day after the fire.  It was chaos and at one point I feared that we might be trampled by passengers freaking out that they were going to miss their flights if they were not allowed into the terminal.  Thankfully, the army and their AK 47’s arrived on scene but there were some tense moments.

I know that you go to great lengths to ensure a successful trip for your clients and that is reflected in many of your on line testimonials.  However, sometimes things happen, such such as the Nairobi Airport fire, that are beyond anyone’s control.  What was impressive was that you were on the phone to me as soon as you became aware of the situation ( which would have been in the  wee hours of the morning Calgary time) informing us of the problem and trying to come up with a back up plan.  Our guide in Rwanda, gave us his phone number in case of problems.  He actually drove back to the airport when it looked like we were stuck there.  Your travel contact in Rwanda, answered her phone immediately when I called her, in tears, for help and your contact in Arusha was in touch via text.  It was very reassuring to know that there were actual, local, people, who knew us and were trying to help us out as opposed to a large tour company where we would have been one of a 1000 clients.   It didn’t take long before we were back on schedule.  That was impressive, and that is why I would highly recommend your services to anyone who asked.  You were there when there was a problem.


We travel a bit, so were a bit hesitant to give up “control” of the trip in hiring a tour. In working with Jen on our tour we got expert advice that was customized to our family and what we wanted out of the trip. What we ended up with was a trip that reflected us, but with the excitement and surprises that come with drawing on someone else to do the booking. Really exceeded expectations!

Met, and exceeded!

Accommodations were very good. The Kati Kati camp in the Serengeti was VERY pleasant with excellent staff. The Seyyida Hotel in Zanzibar was excellent with very nice clean, comfortable rooms, and excellent dining room and spa services. Excellent and interesting with knowledgeable guides. The safari guides/drivers were more than we could have asked for. They know the Serengeti and the animals, were very good at spotting things, very pleasant, very good drivers. It was sad to say goodbye to them. Met, and exceeded!

Nancy Vaxvick

More than excellent – 20 out of 10!!

Exceeded our expectations

Exceeded our expectations

Mike Donovan put together an AMAZING tour for us! We would book with him again in a heartbeat! He delivered beyond our expectations and I have already recommended him to two other couples!

Lynn Wawryk Epp

Seriously, everything was top notch and we really enjoyed every minute of this trip. Thank you to Lion Dog and especially to Jen for putting together such a wonderful vacation. We have already recommended your company to family and friends and would absolutely use you again for a future vacation.

Traveling with Lion Dog and with their partners in Tanzania, was such a great experience for us.  We just had a feeling that Jen and Lion Dog would watch our backs. They were always there, always ready to answer questions, make suggestions and work with us. Jen was so professional and at the same time so caring and attentive. We definitely had the trip of a lifetime and we feel so fortunate to have made the choices we did.  Everything was beautifully planned by Jen  and all of the people who helped us were truly Tanzanian ambassadors and teachers. The only problem we had was that we ran out of money! Jen arranged a wire transfer for us and had an associate deliver the to the cash to Kilimanjaro airport  then to us! Now that was teamwork. I have a hard time believing how beautifully planned and executed our safari was – how well managed all of the camps were – how expertly Jen  collaborated to make our trip so enjoyable and what wonderful people we were privileged to meet and travel with on the ground, the water and in the air!
I learned so much and am so touched by this safari experience, the people I met and the animals I saw. It will live in my heart and in my artwork. I can only thank you Lion Dog and Jen.

Fullscreen capture 1242012 73625 PM

I would like to extend my deep appreciation to all the terrific people who helped perfectly plan and execute my African adventure . I must mention my incredible guide -Ahmed ! Who with his incredible knowledge of his beautiful country Egypt and his willingness and openness to share those qualities was a joy and an honor to be with . My congratulations to Ahmed , Mohammed ,Walid and all for my GREAT experience in Egypt . From the first to my last ( really not wanting to leave ) day . The continuation of my trip – on to Tanzania for horseback safari and the more traditional 4-wheel vehicle game drive and the week in Zanzibar — all comfortably arranged and everything I expected even though I had no clue what to expect . All put together with expert consideration given to my wishes and blended with expert ” been there” thoughtfulness . My best wishes and congratulations to Jen for her guidance throughout the process of putting it all together specifically designed for me . THANK YOU to all who touched the process that afforded me a truly memorable , and never to be forgotten experience !!



To the Roof of Africa

To the Roof of Africa

I was fortunate to celebrate my 75 birthday on Kilimanjaro and with the support of Micheal and his crew it was a successful and positive event.  I recieved the encouragement and support to keep me going and achieve the success I wanted.




Our African adventure was one of great memories. The Giraffe Centre and Elephant Rhino Rescue Centre were the highlights for us in Nairobi. The Gorilla Trek in Rwanda was beyond our expectations. Two great drivers, Alex and Omar. The Safari in Tanzania was great fun seeing the Big Five plus all other wildlife. Amani and Hassan became our adopted sons. Visiting the Datooga people was humbling. The early morning hunt with the Hadze youths was so enjoyable and enlightening. Not to be missed! The warm turquoise water of the Indian Ocean was pure relaxation. Our accommodations from our stay at the Ngong House in Nairobi to the Z Hotel on Zanzibar were exceptional. We always felt safe and well looked after. Jen (Lion Dog African Safaris) was the leader of our group of ten and did a super job of keeping everything running smoothly. Thank you Jen.

Liz and Bill



We would like to thank Lion Dog African Safaris for taking care of all the many details required to make our trip to East Africa a great success.  Many thanks to Jen Lubey for a worry free, life-changing experience.  What we enjoyed the most from our wonderful Rwanda/Tanzania/Zanzibar African adventure was the mountain trek to see the Silverback Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. The guides were fantastic and the weather was perfect. The most entertaining and memorable part of the mountain trek was watching the baby gorillas put on a show. It was priceless to watch them swing from the vines, slap their older siblings, and then climb on the backs of the older gorillas. We found Rwanda to be very beautiful and extremely clean and safe.

 Clay and Kathy

So many great memories!

Mike together with my husband, set up an amazing trip .  This was a 50th birthday surprise gift to me.  I am a nature/animal lover and my husband felt this would be something I would enjoy!  And..I truely did.  From the great guides/drivers we had to the amazing tented camps we went to .  All first rate.  And safety to me was never a worry once there.  The safaris we experienced in the places you could never fathom ,until you are there, well beyond my expectations!  Going to Ndutu during the migration of the wildebeest was unbelievable.  You just have no idea until , you are sitting in your jeep amongst  thousands of meandering wildebeest and zebras.  Of course on the top of my list which was a priority, seeing girrafes running /walking free in the wild.  Saw many in each of the areas we visited.  Our guides goal of course was to ensure we saw as much as we could but his priority, to ensure we saw the “Big 5” and that we did!  I have so many stories of the people, the land , the animals, along with a better understanding of the separate countries we visited. So many great memories!  It was…a  trip of a lifetime!
Sandy and Ken


Leopard Kill

Leopard Kill

We’ve recently returned from a trip arranged by Lion Dog that included three nights in Nairobi, a ten-day Northern Tanzania private safari, and a week in Zanzibar.  The entire trip and especially the number of animals we saw on safari with the help of our excellent driver/guide exceeded our expectations.  We’d recommend that if you’re someone with a desire to see some very interesting people, places and animals in a special part of the world, you consider letting Lion Dog African Safaris put together a similar trip for you.

Bob and Elaine


While on Safari

While on Safari

The African tour program Mike put together for us was absolutely incredible.  The variety of places, accommodations, and activities, combined with the excellent service we received from the various local tour companies made for a fantastic adventure.  Every aspect of the trip went off without a hitch; all of the drivers/guides were there to meet us at each leg, as planned, and there were no surprises along the way (apart from pleasant ones).
The food and accommodation were outstanding, and everyone we met welcomed us with warm smiles and open arms.  The animals, people, and places we saw were amazing.  We were able to get “up close and personal” with the Rwandan mountain gorillas; see ancient rock art in the remote region of Kondoa; spend a morning on a hunt with the Hadze bushmen; photograph and film the “big five”, hike and camp for 3 days in the Ngorongoro highlands with a Masaai guide; and relax in the sun on the white sands of Zanzibar. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Anyone considering a trio to Africa, should definitely check in with Lion Dog Safaris, and see what they have to offer.  The personalized, private style of safari Mike puts together, is certainly the way to go.  Given the opportunity, we would definitely do it all again.

Tim and Leslie

Safari and Gorilla Trek

Safari and Gorilla Trek

Our trip with Lion Dog Tours was, to say the least, fantastic! Right from the beginning Jen took care of every detail and we couldn’t believe how quickly she got back to us (often by phone) on even the smallest email questions we had. Her personal attention to details for the trip, both before and during, made it possible to totally relax. The trip truly was styled to meet our wishes, something Lion Dog says it will do….But really does! Our guides on the Safari, set up through and by Jen and the Lion Dog Company were amazing. Professional, friendly, fun and very knowledgeable. As bird watchers and biologists we really appreciated the knowledge they had about the biology of the animals and the fact that they also knew birds! Their knowledge of the country and culture also added immensely to our trip.

Loney and Lynne



We would strongly recommend Lion Dog African Safaris to anyone interested in travelling to Africa. Our entire trip went smoothly including pick-ups from the airport , arrangements at the many lodgings and passes into the various parks. All we had to do was enjoy. The guides we had in Rwanda, Tanzania and Zanzibar were excellent. Good English and really knowledgeable about their respective areas. All of the accommodations were clean and the staff friendly. The food at the tented camps was delicious and always more than we and always more than we could eat.

Christine and Dan


Lion Dog African Safaris was thorough in its planning and helpful from the start to finish. Even when my baggage stayed in Amsterdam, help was provided to ensure my baggage caught up to us. We felt safe and taken care of. Guides and tours were very informative because of knowledgeable, friendly staff. We were given great advice to go to the Masai Mara area as there were lots of animals. Saw 4 of the Big 5 in the first hour!  Great memories and really enjoyed our African adventure.
Dan and Chris

Conquering Kilimanjaro

Conquering Kili
We had a fantastic trip and were so pleased with all the arrangements. We never had to worry about a thing, everything was taken care of! It was great to be able to focus on our trip and not worry about the details of transfers, accommodations, etc. I would definitely recommend Lion Dog to my friends and family, and would not hesitate to use them again.


To the Roof of Africa

My friends and I climbed Mount   Kilimanjaro. Quite an accomplishment, and it would not have been possible  without the organizational skills of Lion Dog African Safari. This was complicated by the fact that I have celiac disease. This is always a  concern when travelling. Lion Dog African Safari took care of all of this for  me. They arranged for a cook on the mountain who understands the diet. I was well fed, with no evidence of exposure to gluten. After the climb we went on a one week safari. African Lion Dog Safari and  their guide made sure this journey was worry free. Each place we stayed at  was able to take care of my diet.  Not only would I recommend this company to anyone interested in an adventure   in Tanzania, but I would be especially keen on making this recommendation to  others on a special diet.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Lion Dog did a great job! They ensured  that all the details were properly executed. Lion Dog works with high quality guides and local operators as we had absolutely no problems and the scheduling was flawless. The itinerary and sequence of activities they recommended were outstanding – lots of amazing memories of Tanzania!

Ian & Christine


We had great guides and support staff, our cook was excellent and our driver/guide was extremely knowledegable. The trip met our expectations and more.





We saw the gorillas in Rwanda which was a priority for us – our guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The silverback led his family by us and was about 3 feet away – I could have petted him, but common sense prevailed and I didn’t. Less than 24 hours later we were the closest tourists to the wildebeests as they crossed the Mara River (about 25 feet away) in the Serengeti – how lucky is that! We were charged by a large protective female elephant in the Serengeti – quite a rush. We saw a cheetah with 5 cubs chase down a gazelle – again we felt very lucky. We saw all of the big 5 and the endangered African Wild Dogs in the Selous Game Reserve. We saw a crocodile grab a running impala that was being chased by 2 female lions – our guide and driver particularly found that and the lion’s reaction amusing. We saw 2 lions catch an impala and we were less than 10 feet away as they had their breakfast. A wild “teenage” male elephant was very interested in our vehicle and circled us as we watched. As we drove away, he chased us with full trumpet blowing to show us how brave he was. Again, our guide and driver were as entertained and as enthusiastic as we were. We spent a half day each with families from 2 different tribes. The time spent with the “bushmen” was particularly eye-opening. We had animals outside our tents which, again, was particularly thrilling. We did a balloon ride in the Serengeti and drifted over a hippo that had been damaged in a fight and a pride of 13 lions, among many other sightings from an elevation as low as about 25 feet. We had several nice breakfasts in the open fields with the wild animals just a short distance away. We enjoyed relaxing drinks while enjoying the spectacular views at the Lobo lodge in the Serengeti and the Sopa Lodge on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. What more can I say except that this was our 1st trip to Africa and the memories of the sights, sounds, and smells we encountered and the stories we will be able to tell will be with us for a long, long time. We knew this trip would be exciting and completely different from any other trip we have done. I can safely say the trip far exceeded our expectations.


Dave & Dale


Food was good; drinks were included in the Botswana leg and loved the local beers! Water was always plentiful & was happy with the opportunities to sample the ‘local’ cuisine. Brighton (the cook) made some amazing meals in a dutch oven, always very impressed with him. Elephant ride was really fun; awesome to touch some after seeing so many in Botswana. Balloon ride over the Serengeti was fantastic and  nice to see the animals from another spot and champagne and breakfast down the road from a pride of lions was remarkable. The guides in Botswana were the best we had! They were super friendly, knowledgeable and really helped make the Botswana leg of the journey the best. The trip exceeded our expectations.



Lion Dog organized a great trip.  They kept us well-informed if the itinerary had to change and all our accomodations and travel went without a hitch.  Lion Dog was successful in meeting our needs and expectations and worked with us to design a once-in-a -lifetime trip. It was indeed a once in a lifetime experience.  (which we would like to make a twice in a lifetime experience) .


African Safari

We would like to thank Lion Dog African Safaris wholeheartedly for all that you did to ensure our trip to east Africa was a success. And, it was a great success! It was a life-changing experience – from the horseback riding in Okavango to the elephant families in Chobe to the Victoria Falls by micro-light to the winding streets of Stone Town. In particular, thank you for your organization of the transfers and the guides. Without fail, they were all highly professional and on time. We admit we were pleasantly surprised. We expected some hitches because of the circumstances in that part of the world. Of note is that we don’t think we could have managed the chaotic border crossing from Botswana to Zambia without our “handlers.”

This truly was our dream trip, exceeding all our expectations! As mentioned , this was due to many different people working as a team to ensure just that. We know that a trip to Africa involving 11 flights, 8 different accommodation venues, and various suppliers, too many personnel to count, and risks that are foreign to us could easily become a nightmare. However,Lion Dog pulled it all together seamlessly and we travelled worry-free! Thanks, again! You made it look easy (but we know it wasn’t!!) The other key cog in the wheel was our amazing guide! Can’t say enough about him as a person and his commitment and dedication to delivering the best experience ever! He definitely succeeded in making our dream trip an adventure we will never, ever forget and we are so thankful! Please know that we are totally confident in recommending the entire Lion Dog team to anyone we know who would be interested in the trip of a lifetime! Mike has made great connections and did theirpart to ensure that all were on board and in synch.

Asante, asante sana!

Our family planned the trip of a lifetime and incorporated so many details in our gorilla climb, Kilimanjaro climb, Serengeti, Lake Manyara , Ngorongoro Crater, StoneTown and beach resort in Zanzibar ……LionDogAfricanSafaris seemlessly spliced this adventure together — there’s so much that must be known in preparation for Africa and they prepared us so well.  They truly are experts and we appreciated the expertise more and more as we progressed through the beauty of Africa: the amazing culture and simplistic survival off the land, the incredible natural splendours everywhere , wildlife like nowhere else on the globe ,–you are continually in sensory overload–hard to explain until it’s experienced first-hand ! Mike Donovan knows how to piece the adventure together as no one else could ! We believe his personal connection to the continent is irreplaceable. We’re all so impressed and forever indebted–hope to use them again and will certainly recommend them!,

Randy at Uhuru

Randy at Uhuru

I can’t say enough good things about the accomodations.  Each one was unique and provided something different to my African trip experience.  I enjoyed each one and marveled at the level of service quality, care and hospitality in some of the most remote locations.   The trip met and exceeded my expectations.  Arrangements were well thought out and organized.  The people really make a trip a success and I consider this trip one of, if not the most memorable of my lifetime.  I will always look back on my time in Africa with thoughts of the extraordinary land/wildlife and and the warm, welcoming nature of the people.  Africa is now a part of me and I would really like to go back in the future.

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