About Lion Dog African Safaris (LDAS)

Lion Dog African Safaris is an internet based niche tour business headed by Mike and Maryanne Donovan who have worked, lived, safaried and toured Africa extensively for several years prior to starting Lion Dog African Safaris and now have added a half dozen more years of actual tour experience since commencing LDAS in 2009.

Mike and Maryanne have a very strong appreciation and love for the African people, their cultures, the wildlife and know how things get done in Africa. Mike speaks a smattering of Swahili and both he and his wife Maryanne continue to visit Africa periodically in order to maintain their business relationships and stay current with any new developments.

The Donovan’s say they have an MBA in African tours, which is an acronym for Masters of Being in Africa. The Donovan’s are personally involved on each and every client file even while the clients are in Africa .

What are the Benefits of working with Lion Dog African Safaris?

Our tour design is done by proven African tour experts based on the client’s individual circumstances, preferences, budget and timeline.

LDAS’s African suppliers are vetted, proven and legitimate; and the guides are professional and English speaking.

All things considered, no one beats our prices, communication, service, relationships, or expertise. LDAS tours are fully-inclusive Plus* typically including all flights and transportation within Africa, personal and onsite guides, all or most meals, permits, fees, taxes, travel visas, execution and support and side tours where interest is indicated. Payments, tours and food quality are guaranteed.

Tour components are dovetailed meaning that as one tour component ends, the next one begins seamlessly with our reps meeting you with sign boards at each transition. The tours are fully supported including 24 / 7 assistance while on tour.

LDAS backs up its claims with actual references with their email addresses! No one else does this!

The African Adventure Guidebook is included with the service. No one prepares their clients better for Africa than Lion Dog African Safaris . Guidebook topics cover safety, security, medical, immunizations & health in Africa; passports & travel visas for Africa; travel insurance for Africa; electricity & plug-ins for Africa; how to pack for Africa; tipping in Africa; African money & exchanging currencies in Africa; culture adjustment & African customs; donations & volunteering in Africa; bribery in Africa; encountering insects & snakes in Africa; and much more meaningful information on touring Africa.
Go to Africa confidently with Lion Dog African Safaris.

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